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Governing Board Standing Committees Terms of Reference Policy

This policy outlines the functions and responsibilities of the standing committees of Leadership Institute (LI) Governing Board.
Governing authority in at LI is vested in Governing Board and its Standing Committees and Boards, and implemented by officers of the Institute through its various departments and committees. The current Governing Board Standing Committees are:
·     Risk Management Committee
·     Finance and Budget Committee
Terms of Office
·     appointed members of Governing Board Standing Committees have terms of office for the duration of their current term as a Governing Board member or until Governing Board has considered and approved revised memberships of Governing Board Standing Committees.
·     other members of the Standing Committee are appointed based on a three-year term, renewable at the discretion of Governing Board.
·     casual vacancies may be filled by Governing Board and serve only the remaining period of the member they replace.
Chair of Standing Committees
The Chair of each Governing Board Standing Committee is responsible for providing leadership to the Committee and ensuring that the Committee fulfils the responsibilities it has been given. The Chair’s responsibilities include the dissemination of proper information and agenda and minutes to Committee members, the coordination of the follow up of actions or resolutions of the Committee, and the induction and development of new Committee members.
Authority of Standing Committees
The Standing Committees of Governing Board are authorised to review or investigate any aspect of the Institute operation, within the defined responsibilities of the Committee, and obtain, with the approval of Governing Board, any independent legal or professional advice required.
Quorum and Conduct of Meeting
At any meeting of the Standing Committee 50% of members forms a quorum. If a quorum is not present the meeting will lapse. In such cases the Chair may consider business that was to be addressed at that meeting. Any proposed actions or recommendations of the Chair are to be forwarded to all members the Standing Committee for their consideration and possible endorsement via flying minute.
The agenda for each meeting is prepared by the Standing Committee Secretary, in consultation with the Chair, and provided to members of the Committee on a timely basis in advance of the meeting. Items on the agenda will be supported by written papers, as required.
Minutes of Meetings
All members will receive a copy of meeting minutes. The Chair will table the minutes to Governing Board.
Frequency of Meetings
Governing Board Standing Committees meet at least four times per year.
Standing Committee secretaries are appointed by Governing Board.
Attendance by Institute staff members
Governing Board Standing Committees may invite any staff member of LI to attend meetings and may refer matters deemed to require attention direct to the appropriate staff member.
The LI Risk Management Committee (RMC) monitors and advises Governing Board on key risks relating to the sustainability of the Institute. RMC largely undertakes this role through the identification, evaluation and monitoring of risks that threaten the achievement of the Goals within the LI Strategic Plan. RMC is responsible for:
·     overseeing the LI risk management framework for identifying, monitoring and managing significant risks that threaten achievement of the Institute’s goals;
·     ensuring that a register of major risks and their controls is established, maintained and monitored;
·     advising Governing Board in a timely manner on anticipated risks that could materially affect the reputation and/or operation of the Institute;
·     identifying and recommending a strategy to manage material risks and monitor operation of the risk management strategy;
·     reporting to Governing Board regarding risks being actively managed, and the appropriate strategies being in place and working effectively
·     Reviewing and advising on risk matters raised by the Governing Boards and its committees
Membership of RMC includes:
·     up to two members of Governing Board nominated by the Board, one of whom must have expertise in risk management;
·     one external non-Board member may be appointed to RMC by Governing Board in the absence of a Governing Board member with risk management expertise;
·     President (ex officio).
·     Vice President Academic or delegated representative (ex officio)
Appointment of Chair
The Chair is appointed by Governing Board from those Board members nominated to RMC. The term of office is three years with a possible reappointment based on performance.
The Leaders Institute Finance and Budget Committee (FBC) monitor and advises Governing Board on issues relating to the financial performance and sustainability of the Institute. FBC is responsible for:
·     reviewing and recommending the annual budget for approval by Governing Board;
·     ensuring that the budget plan is clearly linked to LI’s Strategic and Business Plans;
·     ensuring that Governing Board receives regular financial reports showing income and existing and future expenditure against budget allocations and a report on reserve funds;
·     ensuring that accounting procedures are in accordance with current accounting rules and best practice;
·     ensuring that LI has well documented financial systems and procedures, which are kept up to date;
·     ensuring that any amendment to existing financial policy is approved by Governing Board;
·     reviewing the annual accounts of the organisation, results of audits and management response to issues identified by audit activities.
Membership of FBC includes:
·     two members of Governing Board, one of whom must have financial expertise;
·     one external non-Board member may be appointed to RMC by Governing Board in the absence of a Governing Board member with financial expertise;
·     President (ex officio)
·     Finance Manager or equivalent (ex officio)



Whole Institute

Key Stakeholder

All staff and students


Appointment of Governing Board Officers
Governing Board nominates and appoints the Governing Board Chair, Standing Committee Chairs, Standing Committee members and Governing Board Secretary.
Appointment of the President
If there is a vacancy in the office of LI President, Governing Board appoints a new President.
Reappointment of Chairs of Standing Committees
No later than six months before the expiration of the term of a Chair of a Standing Committee, the Secretary of Governing Board informs members of Governing Board of the impending expiration of term, outlines the procedures governing the reappointment of a Chair, and invites members of Governing Board to comment on the prospect of the Chair serving for another term. Governing Board, without the incumbent Chair involved, assesses in confidence the comments received from members of Governing Board and approves or disapproves the reappointment.

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