Our campus finds its home in Woolloongabba, an inner suburb located 2 km southeast of central Brisbane, nestled between South Brisbane and Kangaroo Point. The name Woolloongabba is rooted in an Aboriginal expression, which has been variously interpreted as describing whirling waters, a historic fighting ground, or a habitat for wallabies. The most probable interpretation refers to a series of waterholes that once flowed westward through the area where the present-day Brisbane Cricket Ground, known as ‘the Gabba,’ now stands.

Woolloongabba is a central and vibrant neighbourhood that is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the most desirable inner-city areas to live in. It offers a diverse lifestyle to suit everyone’s preferences. With its trendy bistros, preserved historic facades, and a range of professional services, Woolloongabba provides a lively backdrop to the bright lights and sporting events at The Gabba.


76 Park Road, Woolloongabba, Queensland, 4102, Australia


+61 (07) 3161 5566 / +61 0450 01 02 03

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