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Academic Staff Register Policy

This policy outlines the processes for academic staff across all delivery sites to be added to the Leaders Institute (LI) Academic Staff Register, including determining the appropriate level of academic, professional and/or practice-based experience and expertise deemed equivalent to one qualification standard level above the course delivered.
The Vice President Academic maintains an Academic Staff Register that lists approved academic staff and the units they are approved to teach. Approval of academic staff is guided by the following principles:
·     lecturers are qualified in a relevant field, to at least one Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification level higher than the unit being taught (AQF+1) or are to demonstrate equivalent professional experience. Guest speakers, field placement mentors, and tutors are exempt from this requirement. In this case, the Unit Coordinator and/or lecturer oversees the academic activities to ensure an appropriate standard; 
·     Unit Coordinators should be AQF+1 to the unit;
·    Program Directors, Unit Coordinators, and lecturers will demonstrate current and relevant industry and management experience, where relevant;
·    lecturers will demonstrate continuing scholarship that informs their teaching;
·     lecturers who are not AQF+1 may be appointed, providing they can demonstrate professional equivalence to meet the learning needs of students;
·    lecturers with no prior experience in teaching at the relevant AQF Level will be supervised and peer reviewed by the Unit Coordinator for the first semester of teaching;
·     annual auditing will be undertaken to capture currency and equivalence of all the qualifications, scholarship, and industry based activities of academic staff.
Professional equivalence must be current (within last five years) and relevant to the Field of Education (FoE) of the unit being taught. Evidence can include:
·     previous teaching experience at an Australian higher education institute or equivalent;
·     workplace or practice-based experiences;
·     leadership in development of professional standards or participation in relevant boards and professional networks;
·     industry leadership experience that requires higher order judgement and expertise;
·     letters of recommendation from senior industry leaders or industry awards;
·     peer reviewed or other reputable publications, conference/seminar presentations or reports;
·     leadership or management of peer reviewed research;
·     supervision of Higher Degree Research students to completion;
·     contributions to the discipline through participation in advisory boards;
·     managing significant projects relevant to the discipline area.
General guidelines for assessing professional equivalence:
AQF Level to be taught Professional Equivalence
Level 5 – Diploma Level 7 qualification without relying on professional experience
Level 7 – Bachelor Level 7 or above qualification and current registration to practice within the relevant profession (if applicable) plus three years professional experience in the last five years or study in a Level 8 course and some relevant professional experience, totalling three years
Level 8 – Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma Level 8 qualification and current registration to practice within the relevant profession (if applicable) plus three years professional experience in the last five years or study in a relevant Level 9 course or above, plus some relevant professional experience, totalling three years
Level 9 – Masters Level 9 qualification and current registration to practice within the relevant profession (if applicable) plus five years teaching in the last 10 years or study in a relevant Level 10 course and some relevant professional experience, together totalling five years
Adjunct Lecturers and Adjunct Researchers may be appointed by LI to recognise achievement and contribution to learning and teaching, research and scholarship, professional practice and/or community engagement and social responsibility. These appointments are designed to be mutually beneficial to LI and to the academics. Appointments will also reflect the commitment of LI to diversity and equity.
An Adjunct Lecturer or Adjunct Researcher will demonstrate:
·     appropriate representation of the values of LI;
·     significant contribution to a relevant field or professional practice;
·     community engagement and social responsibility
·    significant contribution to LI’s learning and teaching, if nominated as an Adjunct Lecturer;
·    significant contribution to LI’s research and scholarship, if nominated as an Adjunct Researcher;
·    appropriate academic qualifications recognised by AQF, or professional equivalence.
An Adjunct Lecturer or Adjunct Researcher will not be a:
·    current external member of Governing Board or its standing committees;
·    current external member of Academic Board or its subcommittees;
·    current staff;
·    serving Australian politician; or
·    recognised individual for philanthropic donations alone.
Adjunct positions are not a paid appointment. However, the position does not preclude payment for sessional teaching, guest speaking, supervising research projects, or other activities. LI may provide access to library and research resources as appropriate.
Duties of Adjunct Lecturers and Adjunct Researchers are determined on a needs only basis and may include:
·    preparing and delivering lecturers, seminars, and/or professional development workshops;
·    contributing toward conferences and other research meetings;
·    collaborating on research projects;
·    supervising research projects.
Adjunct appointments are ongoing unless terminated by LI or the appointee.
The position of Emeritus Professor may be conferred upon retired LI academic staff holding the title of Professor who have given distinguished service to the Institute. A period of service of at least five years is normally required for a person to be eligible.
Conferral of the position of Emeritus Professor will occur when the academic staff member retires or leaves the employ of the Institute. The title will not normally be conferred upon an academic staff member who resigns from LI to take up a post at another higher education institution.
An Adjunct or Emeritus Professor position may be withdrawn by the Vice President Academic at any time if it is in the best interest of LI. The person will be informed of the withdrawal in writing. There is no appeal process for the decision. Holders of Adjunct or Emeritus Professor positions may request termination of their appointment at any time.



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Academic staff are required to submit a copy of their full CV and certified supporting documents (e.g. testamurs) to the relevant Program Director (or delegated representative), including qualifications, higher education teaching experience, research and scholarship activity, and relevant industry and professional experience. Applicants seeking professional equivalence must include appropriate evidence.
The Program Director (or delegated representative) reviews the application and either commends or does not commend the application to the Vice President Academic for approval. If the Vice President Academic approves, the academic staff member is added to the LI Academic Staff Register.
LI maintains appropriate records that include details of how each individual academic staff member meets AQF+1 or professional equivalence.
Any member of academic staff may nominate an Adjunct or Emeritus Professor appointment to Research and Scholarship Committee. Nominations should include evidence that the nominee meets the relevant criteria. If Research and Scholarship Committee accepts the nomination, it will be tabled to Academic Board for approval. If Research and Scholarship Committee rejects the application, the person will be notified in writing. All nominations are strictly confidential until Academic Board approves the application.
Adjunct and Emeritus Professor appointees are expected to update their LI academic staff profile annually. If the appointment ceases or is withdrawn, the relevant supervisor, or delegated representative, will ensure that the academic staff profile is withdrawn from the LI website.

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