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Unit Development and Review Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Leaders Institute (LI) continues to demonstrate high academic standards in all units delivered.
The relevant Program Director oversees the overall course. The relevant Unit Coordinator oversees the unit, including delivery, grading and student support. Academic Board has oversight of the unit development and review process.
Development of units must use the LI Unit Outline Template and include the following:
·     Appropriate code and title
·     Rationale
·     Learning outcomes mapped to Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and LI Graduate Attributes
·     Assessment mapped to AQF and LI Assessment Workload Calculator
·     Appropriate content
·     Appropriate delivery modes
·     Access to adequate learning materials and resources
·     External peer review



All courses

Key Stakeholder

All staff and students


Development Committee oversees the development of new unit outlines according to the following:
1.       Initial draft unit outline
The Unit Coordinator drafts the unit outline according to the LI Unit Outline Template.
2.       Peer Review of Unit Outline
The Unit Coordinator commissions an external academic peer in the discipline field to review the draft unit outline. A Peer Review Form is completed and returned to the Unit Coordinator.
3.       Revise Unit Outline
The Unit Coordinator revises the unit outline in response to recommendations by the external peer reviews and completes the Response to Peer Review Form.
4.       Submit Unit Outline to Development Committee
The Unit Coordinator submits to Development Committee the updated unit outline, along with the completed Peer Review Form and Response to Peer Review Form. If approved, it is recommended to Academic Board for approval.
5.       Approval by Academic Board
If approved by Academic Board, the Program Director will notify the Unit Coordinator of the decision by Academic Board. If not approved, feedback from Academic Board will be provided to Development Committee.
1.       End of Semester Unit Report
At the end of each semester, the Unit Coordinator submits to the Program Director a Unit Report which includes reviewing grade distribution, as well as feedback from students and other key stakeholders. The Unit Coordinator recommends improvements to delivery of the unit as required. The Program Director reviews these reports and initiates required revisions. The Program Director then submits the Unit Reports and actions completed to the Chair of Development Committee.
2.       Minor Review of Unit Outline
Minor review of a unit outline includes changes to:
·     Assessment tasks and timing
·     Content
·     Required and recommended reading, ensuring the Librarian is informed
The Unit Coordinator may action recommended revisions with the approval of the Program Director. The Program Director will ensure that all stakeholders are informed.
3.       Major Unit Outline Revisions
Major unit outline revisions include changes to:
·     prerequisites and co-requisites
·     unit code or title
·     learning outcomes
·     assessment weighting
·     co-streaming arrangements
Major revisions to unit outlines are tabled to Development Committee for approval. If approved, the Program Director notifies the relevant stakeholders. Units with professional accreditation may require additional professional accreditation review processes.
Program Directors put in place mechanisms and processes (including websites), to ensure all stakeholders, including students, are informed of the changes.
Development and revision to the LI Assessment Workload Calculator is overseen by Development Committee. Amendments must be benchmarked and externally reviewed. The final LI Assessment Workload Calculator is approved by Academic Board.

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