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Library Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline principles and practices informing the Leaders Institute (LI) library acquisition, maintenance, access to and deselection of information resources.
All LI staff and students have free membership and access to the LI library throughout its online catalogue system. The LI library is committed to:
·     providing high quality, current, electronically accessible collections, which support the learning, teaching, research and scholarship needs of LI staff and students;
·     facilitating the development of library collections in line with the LI Strategic Plan and LI Library Plan;
·     prioritising electronic resources (e-books, journals, magazines, multimedia) where available;
·     ensuring that required readings for each unit are available for students in digital format;
·     endeavouring, where possible, to purchase material listed in unit outlines as recommended readings;
·     ensuring use of electronic resources is governed by licence parameters that permit all LI staff and students access to resources in a timely manner;
·     acquiring appropriate resources in consultation with Program Directors and the Vice President Academic;
·     providing training to all staff and students regarding this policy and accessing relevant resources;
·     supporting and maintaining regular communication with all online and on campus students;
·     carrying out annual stocktake and deselection processes to ensure that library information resources continue to meet the Institute’s requirements;
·     ensuring that personal information is only used for authorised purposes and is protected according to recognised standards of information security.
Donations should meet the learning, teaching, research and scholarship needs of the Institute. If any of the following conditions are not met, the donation is not accepted:
·     content is out of date and the work has no historical value;
·     later editions of the work are held.
·     title is available in eBook format;
·     item is in poor condition;
·     donor agrees, in writing, that retention of an item is at the discretion of LI.
All copying must comply with the educational copying provisions of the Australian Copyright Act. Details regarding the author, publisher or copyright owner on all publications, including teaching material on Moodle, audio-visual and web-based material, should be preserved when the publication is referenced or reproduced digitally or in hard copy. Rights management information may not be removed. It is advisable to consult with the Librarian on any issues where there is uncertainty as to the correct procedure.
The  LI Librarian (or delegated representative) is responsible for the coordination and administration of LI’s copyright processes, ensuring the Institute’s compliance with legislative and contractual requirements.
LI is committed to providing access to its collections. When selecting and implementing online information resources, the library considers the needs of students with disabilities.
The LI Library monitors usage of resources on a regular basis to ensure that the information is being utilised effectively and meeting the changing needs of staff and students. When usage shows a downward trend the Librarian, in consultation with the Program Directors (or delegated representatives), reviews the resource for cancellation.
The library resources budget is allocated and managed by the Vice President Academic in conjunction with the President. The learning resources budget is used for acquiring information by purchase, demand driven acquisition, subscription, document delivery, and inter-library lending services. A portion of the learning resources budget is used to support the acquisition of material recommended by the Program Directors while the remainder is administered by the Vice President Academic.



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When a new staff member or student applies for borrowing rights to the LI library, they agree to abide by the LI Code of Conduct, LI Library Policy and library rules. The Librarian communicates with users primarily through email. It is the responsibility of the borrower to inform the library of any changes to their personal details immediately.
Any breaches of this policy should be reported to the Librarian (or delegated representative). These will be recorded in the LI Academic Misconduct Register. Serious cases of infringement may be dealt with according to the Code of Conduct Policy.

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