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Award Eligibility and Graduation Policy


It is a singular honour to receive an award at a graduation ceremony upon completion of a course. This policy sets out principles for the granting of awards and establishes the graduation ceremony as a special meeting of the Governing Board.



  • Leaders Institute (LI) grants awards to students who have satisfied all requirements to graduate for the course in which they are enrolled and meets the applicable standards of the HESF 2021:

o  To be eligible for an award all requirements to graduate must be met within the specified maximum time allowable.

o  A student with a debt to LI will not be permitted to graduate until the debt is cleared.

o  Once a student has satisfied all requirements to graduate in their course, they become a LI graduand.

o  Upon graduation, a student becomes an LI graduate, is a LI alumnus and is eligible to join the Leaders Institute Alumni Association.

  • The Graduation Ceremony is a special meeting of the Governing Board, presided over by the Chair.

o  At the Graduation Ceremony each graduate shall receive their testamur.

o  Students may graduate in absentia in which case their testamur shall be mailed to them.

o  There will normally be two graduation ceremonies each year.

  • The Graduation Roster shall be prepared by the Registrar and endorsed by Academic Board for transmission to the Governing Board for approval.
  • All reasonable adjustments will be made to allow students and staff with disabilities to participate fully in graduation ceremonies.
  • A posthumous award may be made at a graduation ceremony where a student, had they lived, would have been eligible to graduate. A family member or other appropriate person will be invited to receive the testamur.
  • If an error is made in the graduation roster, LI reserves the right to revoke an award.
  • If a graduate is found to have breached the Student Academic Integrity Policy, LI reserves the right to revoke an award.


Alumnus A graduate of Leaders Institute
Alumni Association A voluntary, not-for-profit association made up of Leaders Institute alumni who have joined as members
Award A degree, diploma or certificate, or other qualification that is approved by the Academic board and is conferred upon completion of all requirements to graduate
Course Completion A course is complete once the requirements to complete have been officially verified by resolution of the Governing Board
Graduand A student who has met all requirements to graduate from their course but is yet to have the award conferred by presentation of a testamur.
Graduate A student who has been presented with their testamur



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