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Business Continuity Management Policy


This policy outlines the response of Leaders Institute (LI) to disruptions from internal or external events in a way that ensures critical functions are maintained or restored in a timely fashion, whilst minimising the impact to staff, students, and the general community.

LI recognises that some events may exceed the capacity of routine management methods and structure. LI’s business continuity management includes:
·     a consistent and integrated approach to risk management that deals specifically with business disruption risks;
·     the continuity of critical business functions;
·     allocation of business continuity management roles and responsibilities to staff in the event of a critical incident;
·     allocation of management responsibility for the implementation, monitoring, and review of business continuity management documentation;
·     that Executive Management Team oversees and ensures implementation of the Business Continuity Management Plan (BCMP);
·     that relevant department and course leaders ensure that all critical functions under their responsibility in the BCMP are established, maintained, and reviewed;
·     training of relevant LI staff regarding business continuity processes, including appropriately responding to a serious disruption to LI’s operations and business.
Business Continuity Management: a whole of organisation process for managing the Institute’s operations to ensure that critical functions can, in the event of a material disruption arising from internal or external events, be maintained, or restored in a timely fashion with minimal impact to staff, students and the general community.
Business Continuity Management Plan: collates the instructions / actions that underpin the business continuity management strategy for the Institute’s critical functions. It is used to manage incidents. The BCMP details continuity / interim actions to be immediately implemented to achieve the highest level of operational performance with the resources available and taking into account the specifics of the interruption situation.
Business Impact Analysis: a series of analyses to determine function criticality and to gather information about critical functions, their dependencies and resource requirements.


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Activation of a BCMP response to initiated by Executive Management Team when an incident disrupts the usual business operations of LI, and the disruption has or threatens to breach one or more critical activities. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) disaster recovery is a component of LI’s overall business continuity capability. It provides for the timely recovery and restoration of ICT systems and processes, including applications, infrastructure and data resources that support critical activities.

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