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Brisbane Guide

Brisbane fully embraces its reputation as a sun-soaked city, placing a strong emphasis on outdoor living. Imagine savoring al fresco dining, enjoying riverside picnics, exploring nearby islands along the coast, and venturing into national parks. This dynamic city also offers a vibrant cultural precinct, abundant wildlife encounters, and easy access to renowned destinations like the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. Brisbane is a destination that’s impossible to resist.

Known as the “River City,” Brisbane invites you to explore its waterways by hiring a kayak or joining a guided tour. Paddle past the glistening skyline, sunken ships, and dramatic cliffs while immersing yourself in the river’s charms. And right in the heart of the city, you’ll find Streets Beach, a dazzling blue lagoon offering white sand, crystal-clear water, and refreshing swims. Explore how to make the most of a day at Brisbane’s urban oasis.

South Bank emerges as Brisbane’s cultural hub, offering world-class theater, dynamic arts, and enlightening exhibitions. Brisbane’s enchanting coastline is dotted with pristine islands awaiting your exploration. Seek out secluded snorkeling spots, hand-feed wild dolphins, and uncover hidden shipwrecks beneath the sea—all within reach on Brisbane’s islands.
Brisbane is home to some unexpected treasures, including floating walkways, underground operas, and edgy street art. Once you’ve experienced the city’s renowned landmarks, it’s time to uncover the hidden gems cherished by locals.