Research Centre

LEAD Research Director, Professor William Glen is an international leader in agriculture, business, and mining. He has also served as head of accounting and deputy dean of the business faculty at Griffith University, Brisbane.

Research Centre

Leadership, Enterprise, And Development (LEAD) Research Centre

The Leadership, Enterprise, and Development (LEAD) Research Centre was established at Leaders Institute (LI), in 2022. In line with the mission of LI, LEAD’s mandate is to facilitate and foster impactful research and scholarship that: equips leaders for real world industry needs; informs innovative, digitally enhanced business enterprises; and provides professional development for higher education learning and teaching.

LEAD functions in three key areas


LEAD fosters research in high quality, peer reviewed academic publications by providing competitive grants for LI’s academic staff and research students to present at academic conferences and produce high quality research outputs.

LEAD also partners with Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research (AIMSR) to produce research and scholarship within the disciplines of business and leadership. Professor Denise A. Austin was a keynote speaker at the AIMSR Conference in India in July 2022 and Mr Vivian Lobo was a keynote speaker at the AIMSR Conference in January 2023.


LEAD partners with national and international business enterprises to ensure that research and scholarship translates into tangible, positive impact and economic benefits. LEAD also partners with Research and Policy House for joint research and scholarship projects regarding government policy and community contribution. LI’s academic staff are some of the world’s leading scholars in the fields of agriculture, data analytics, commerce, and management.


In conjunction with LI’s Research and Scholarship Committee, LEAD functions as the professional development arm of LI by organising workshops on disciple-specific topics, as well as innovations in higher education learning and teaching. There are opportunities for permanent academic staff to receive competitive grants to undertake further studies. In the 2022 Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) results, LI received a 99.3% rating for positive overall student experience and a 100% positive rating for skills development, well above the national average. This demonstrates LI’s outstanding track record in higher education learning and teaching.