Our Campus

Our Campus is equipped with modern facilities and has been custom designed with the needs of our students in mind. The environment is not only conducive to studies but offers a comfortable zone for relaxation.

The Institute provides the latest technology and software to enable access to knowledge and resources from online databases anywhere in the campus. Students can use computers that are available on campus but can also access these resources with their own devices. Our library holds copies of required and recommended text books and offers a wide range of electronic resources to inspire students to critique and refine skills and ideas.

The student lounge provides opportunities to relax, to meet and greet peers in the next generation of “Impactful Leaders” and to develop friendships. The environment is stylish, comfortable, practical and inviting. With access to reheating facilities, students can also bring their own lunches.

The campus is within easy walking distance of bus stops and a railway station. There are plenty of student-friendly restaurants and eateries near the campus.

Brisbane Campus

76 Park Road, Woolloongabba Brisbane,
Queensland, 4102, Australia

Sydney Campus

6 Fetherstone Street, Bankstown, New South Wales,
2200, Australia