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“Higher education is a great investment! On average, we would need to earn an interest rate of around 25 per cent or more on our savings to better the rate of return on investment in higher education. 


A degree from a higher education institution signals intelligence and willingness to work hard regardless of the content of the degree. Content also matters, because it is through content that specific competencies are gained.

At Leaders Institute, we are committed to the professional and personal development of our students. We see our graduates as people who will ‘be impactful’ professionally and socially precisely because they have joined the Leaders community of scholars.

I am proud to be the CEO of Leaders Institute. My colleagues on staff here are well educated, highly experienced and enthusiastically committed to their vocation in higher education. Indeed, they are people who live out our ‘be impactful’ motto. Some of our lecturers have full-time careers in industry or government and teach just one or two units. They bring an up-to-date workplace perspective to their teaching that complements the expertise of our full-time academic staff.

My own vocation has focused on economics, management and governance for 40 years. Prior to taking up an academic career, I worked as an economist in a large financial institution. I have had the privilege of teaching thousands of students in class rooms in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. I have travelled extensively through Asia, Europe and the Middle East and met countless business academics and practitioners.

I have learnt over the years that, although intelligence certainly matters in higher education, the most intelligent students are not necessarily the most successful. Intelligence alone is not enough. Diligent time management and prioritising learning among many competing demands are prerequisites for success.

Thank you for choosing to study at Leaders Institute. Welcome! I believe that your time here will be thoroughly fulfilling and will establish you on a path to lifetime success.”

Dr Rod St Hill


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